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This is the development page of the new website, which will replace the old site with a responsive design.


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This site is being rebuilt and should be ready by the summer 2017. When the first site was built, there was little on the web for teenagers and their parents. Over the last 14 years, things have changed. We do not plan to have many links to recommended sites, nor much graphic content. We will continue to provide good information for those either involved with CAMHS services (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, or those who are consisdering referral

We hope in time to give information to parents, teenagers, and professionals. This will include self-assessment material, including questionnaires. There will also be some self help material.

Introduction for the three main groups


Here you will find a subsite just for parents. CLICK here to start. You will find information about parent difficulties, and also information about common questions asked by parents rergarding medication, therapy, and CAMHS.


The menu on this page will take you to specific conditions. However we suggest you start with the strengths page, and the general overview. If you have been referred to CAMHS, or are being seen, you may also want to look at the CAMHS ready website (external) for suggestions about asking questions of CAMHS.


Here you will find a subsite for professionals. CLICK here to start. You might be a parent, teacher, or social worker, or be part of CAMHS. The site advocates a consultation and patient centered approach in CAMHS, as well as focusing on values of patients, and their parents when considering treatment options.